St. Francis Xavier Spirit Wear

Dear St. Francis Xavier Families,

We are very excited this year to offer the opportunity to purchase St. Francis Xavier Spirit Wear through our dedicated E-store. This is a yearly opportunity to promote our school spirit and also adhere to our school clothing policy.


Our web campaign for 2021 starts today October 26th – November 5th. Orders placed during this period will be delivered no charge to the school prior to Christmas. Our intention is to set our community up powerfully with a 2021 program that begins with fun and ease! Our E-store will not be available after November 5th at midnight. Staff and parents are reminded that Spiritwear will arrive during the colder winter month of December and to keep the weather in mind while placing your order.


There are several reasons St. Francis Xavier Spirit Wear is encouraged:

1) Students can use St. Francis Xavier Spirit Wear as gym clothing. Parents will not need to spend money on other gym clothes, nor worry if their child is wearing clothing that is appropriate for gym.

2) Students can wear their St. Francis Xavier Spirit Wear during special assemblies and spirit/virtue days to display school pride.

3) Students can wear their St. Francis Xavier Spirit Wear and be recognized as St. Francis Xavier students during outings, such as the Terry Fox Walk, to display school pride.

4) Students can wear St. Francis Xavier Spirit Wear at sporting events to support St. Francis Xavier athletes and display school pride.


This year all orders can be made online via our dedicated E-store via this link:


We are aware that some parents may be hesitant to purchase clothing when they are not sure that it will properly fit. We strongly encourage parents to review sizing chart which is part of the site.


Absolutely no money will be taken by the office. All purchases are to be made online via credit card or debit visa. We cannot accept cheques.


We look forward to seeing everyone in their St. Francis Xavier Spirit Wear.




Elena Naccarato                         Helena Dipanfilo

Principal                                       Vice Principal

St. Francis Xavier CES               St. Francis Xavier CES