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New January Newsletter

Good Monday Morning St. Francis Xavier Catholic School students, parents and guardians. We hope that you are all safe and well and that your new year continues to bring you God’s blessings. This year we have started differently but we are strong in knowing that together we continue to make sound learning happen. Teachers are updating resources regularly to meet your needs in your families. ... Continue reading "New January Newsletter"

Christmas Food Drive

Even the cold weather couldn’t stop our warm hearts from giving to those in need! Thank you Catholic School Council for organizing a very memorable Food Drive. God bless you all this Christmas!

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Coding in New Math Curriculum

The new Mathematics Curriculum of Ontario now contains expectations related to coding. There are many reasons why coding is important for our students. To name a few, coding provides an outlet for students to leverage technology to solve relevant problems in their community, a pathway for nurturing digital discipleship, and context for developing various global competencies needed to thrive in the modern workplace.  

... Continue reading "Coding in New Math Curriculum"

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