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Active Schools Data Collection

We have taken the initiative once again to become more active through our participation in Active Schools of York Region. This has been achieved in so many ways that we can see happening throughout our neighbourhood. I hope you have noticed all the sidewalk activity maps and walking signs for students to enjoy. We encourage students to be more active in their daily living and ... Continue reading "Active Schools Data Collection"

Charity Food Drive

Thank you parent Catholic School Council for all of your efforts and creating an opportunity for us to give back to those in need this Christmas!

Dear SFX families:
As the holidays approach we must remember it is our responsibility to take care of our families and our community.  That is why your Catholic School
... Continue reading "Charity Food Drive"

French Immersion Information Night

The French Immersion program is offered at 15 schools across the YCDSB and is designed to provide non-francophone children with a high degree of proficiency in the French language. While any exposure to a second language is beneficial, French Immersion broadens and deepens that exposure.If YOUR CHILD IS ATTENDING SENIOR KINDERGARTEN AT AN FI SCHOOL. A Central French Immersion Parent Information Night will be held ... Continue reading "French Immersion Information Night"